AP 25th Anniversary Homecoming (22 Nov 2014)


Our 25th Anniversary Homecoming was held at the CityU new academic building, Academic-3, on Saturday, 22 November 2014. About 100 AP alumni, past faculty members as well as current staff and students shared the joy of this memorable occasion. While some participants caught up with their old friends and teachers at the tea reception, our alumni and past faculties toured around the CityU campus, the renovated AP office and some of our laboratories with our current students. The inspiring sharing sessions given by our alumni, Mr. Jerry Lai (BEMATE 2008), Mr. Frank Tam (BSAP 2008), Miss Mary Wong (BEMATE 2007, MSMEN 2011), Mr. Kenneth Lee (MSMEN 2014) and Dr Lotto Lai (BSAP 1994), brought this homecoming event to the climax. They undoubtedly gave our current students some valuable insights on planning their studies and career. Followed by Prof. Xun-Li Wangs speech (Head of Department) and Prof. Michel A. Van Hove s sharing (Head of Department, 2005-11) on his good old days in AP at the dinner reception, we enjoyed a great evening with the students musical performance and lucky draw.


Alumni Sharing on the AP 25th Anniversary Homecoming: