Welcome to the Ho Research Group at the City University of Hong Kong!

Our research program aims to utilize chemistry, physics, materials science and various engineering disciplines to explore novel nano-materials and nano-engineering techniques for various technological applications including electronics, energy-harvesting, photonics, and sensors, etc.

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Principal Investigator (PI)

Ho PicJohnny C Ho, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley)

Associate Professor





Contact Information:


Department of Physics and Materials Science
City University of Hong Kong
Tat Chee Avenue
Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR






Office: G6754
Tel:  +852-3442 4897
Fax: +852-3442 0538
Email: johnnyho@cityu.edu.hk


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ORCID: 0000-0003-3000-8794

ResearcherID: K-5275-2012

Scopus Author ID: 35334275500 


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Research Goals

• Materials & Processing Innovations


• Novel Properties of Nano-Materials


• Heterogeneous Integration of Nano-Materials


• Technological Applications


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Research Topics

Nano-Scale Materials Processing






Nano-Materials based Energy-Harvesting and Sensors


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Latest news


Congrat to Changyong Lan for his work "Large-Scale Synthesis of Freestanding Layer-Structured PbI2 and MAPbI3 Nanosheets for High-Performance Photodetection" being accepted in Advanced Materials!



Congrat to Ho Research Group for the collaborative research work "High-performance enhancement-mode thin-film transistors based on Mg-doped In2O3 nanofiber networks" being accepted in Nano Research!



Congrat to Renjie Wei for his work "Is Platinum a Suitable Counter Electrode Material for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction?" being accepted in Science Bulletin!



Congrat to Wei Gao for his work "Modulating Electronic Structure of CoP Electrocatalysts towards Enhanced Hydrogen Evolution by Ce Chemical Doping in both Acidic and Basic Media" being accepted in Nano Energy!


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