Research Summary

We study electrochemistry for fabricating well-defined nanomaterials (e.g., photonic crystals), aiming to tackle one of the major challenges present in the field of nanomaterials on how to fabricate the elaborate nanostructures on a large (e.g., industrial) scale with sufficient precision, convenience, and low cost. By utilizing well-established and often industrial electrochemical techniques, we develop economical and versatile approaches to address the above challenge. We also carry out theoretical simulation work to further understand the structure-property correlations. In the long term, this effort will enable a wide range of advanced functional nanomaterials with promising applications, such as

1. Convenient and versatile fabrication techniques for photonic crystals and metal-based plasmonic materials

2. Smart optical paints and coatings

3. Transparent conductors and magnets


4. All-absorption photovoltaic electrode materials for solar cell applications

5. Electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors

6. Smart catalysts, membranes, filters and foams

7. Anti-bacteria particles/pollutant degradation materials

8. Chemical and biological sensors, optical barcodes for high-throughput screening, and self-reporting drug carriers and implants